“I Believe” Video Project

For my TOK “I Believe” project, I made a stop motion film to a song that I wrote and recorded. This was the first time I had ever done a stop motion video, so I wasn’t aware of how long it would take to make one. It definitely took a lot longer than I thought it would. I also ran into quite a few problems as I was making the video, so it consumed at least 3-4 full days. One of the first problems I ran into was recording the song. I actually had a sore throat on the week that I had this project assigned, but I already had everything planned out, so I didn’t want to abandon the idea of making a “stop motion music video.” As soon as I was halfway cured of my croaky frog voice, I recorded the guitar and my voice as best as I could so I could proceed with the actual stop motion video part. For the video, it took me several hours just to draw out, color, and cut each one of the little pictures (which was very tedious). I taped a piece of white paper down on the table so I knew where to always place my little pictures. I had a tripod directly over the paper and a lamp nearby to control the lighting. I had several issues with my camera because there would be times when it would randomly die and I would have to wait at least half an hour until I could resume taking pictures. When I got to the editing part, I ended up having to rearrange the audio in the song so the lyrics would allow the pictures to flow coherently into each other much better.

Overall, the actual process I went through to making this video was a bit difficult, but I’m somewhat proud of the outcome. I just wasn’t prepared for the amount of time and effort a stop motion video was going to consume. In the future if I do decide to do another stop motion, I’ll definitely try to make it much simpler as opposed to this one.


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