Don’t Blindly Trust Experts

Don't Blindly Trust Experts

Experts, no matter how knowledgeable they may seem, should not be exempt from the “unreliable source” pile solely because of their title. I did a PSA poster as an example to show that not all experts know what they’re talking about. In a world like today, anyone with a better understanding of certain topic than most can be deemed as a professional. Regardless of where the information comes from, we need to still think critically about its validity.
The reason why I chose this sort of “environmental” theme incorporated with pandas was so my point could appeal to those that are environmentally friendly and/or love panda bears since most people that fit into either category are usually very passionate about the topics. By doing so, I used the “tugging at heart strings” technique to evoke feelings of guilt and pity for the pandas that are dying as a result of the people’s ignorance towards the cause that is killing them.


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