Design for All Five Senses

I watched a TED Talk titled “Why is Sex So Good?” by Jinsop Lee, which was about the “5 senses Theory,” and how much more beneficial it would be for designers if they created products that appealed to all 5 senses.

After watching the video, I was inspired to make my own 5 senses graph of a daily activity that I enjoy. Now I realize that one of the factors that contributes to making guitar playing more enjoyable is the fact that it appeals to 3 out of the 5 senses. 



In response to this video, I made my own modification of a commonly used tool that could better utilize the 5 senses to appeal to others more.

The”Chameleon Car Shade” is a Car Sun Shade that changes color according to the internal temperature of the car (so you’re aware of how hot it is in the car before you get in) and emits a car freshener scent when heated by the sun. I thought about all the times when I got into a car, not knowing how hot it would be, and accidentally burning myself with the seatbelt buckle.  The car freshener scent was just an added feature to keep the car smelling nice and make it more pleasant to get into a car that’s usually very stuffy from the heat. I’m aware that the name needs some work, but for the most part, it utilizes the senses of smell and sight much better than it used to. 


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