Sense Perception

2. CURATE an optical illusion (or more than 1)  you find particularly interesting and post to your blog so we can share them. If you can explain how it works that would be great. **we will be sharing this next class – please ALSO UPLOAD to our G+ community with hashtag #illusion

3.For an hour, I was assigned to keep track of absolutely everything I experienced through one sense (smell). Here is what I smelled for the entire hour from 6:30-7:30 AM.

My fuzzy cotton blanket (Room)

Pineapple Scentsy Freshener Scent (Bathroom)

Banana, Asian Pear, Sweet Bread, Apple (Breakfast)

Minty Toothpaste

Steam from hot water, Green tea

Cotton (clothing)

“Closet Air”

Cotton (clothing)

Cool, crisp, morning air


Car leather

4. After reading Hilary Lawson’s story about a certain man who’s Visual Agnosia changed his life, it really made me question how the world truly is. It’s commonly known that all kinds of living organisms perceive the world differently through their enhanced five senses. Some organisms can see more colors than humans can, or are more sensitive to scents like flies are. It made me wonder if there was an animal or insect that perceived the world the way it truly is. But then again, would that be an opinion since the definition of perception is “the awareness of things through our 5 senses, or the “gates and windows” of the mind, the channels of communication between ourselves and the outside world”? Is there such thing as a “true” reality? What makes sense to one animal in the way they perceive the world, may not make sense to us, but in a way, it’s as if that’s their own separate world because of the way THEY perceived it. In a sense, the world we live in is completely different from an animal’s because of our unique way of perceiving it.

5. Out of the 3 “Theories of Reality” (common sense realism, scientific realism, and phenomenalism), I most adhere to a combination of Phenomenalism and scientific realism, that says that “matter is simply the permanent possibility of sensation, and the world is not independent of our experience of it” and “The world exists as an independent reality, but is very different from the way we perceive it” in their respective order.  Like mentioned earlier, I believe that all species of organisms (and perhaps even individual organisms of the same species) may perceive the “true reality” differently. But nonetheless, it’s perceived in a way that is very unique, which is almost in a way, creating their own reality. The reason I’m caught between two theories is that there are some principles that I do and don’t agree with for both. I do agree with Scientific Realism when it refers to the world existing as an independent reality and being much more different than how we perceive it, but I don’t agree when it claims that the world is actually colorless, soundless, and odorless. As for Phenomenalism, I do believe that matter is simply the permanent possibility of sensation, but I don’t agree that the world is not independent of our experience of it.

6. We are all very good at seeing only what we want to see. Can you give some EXAMPLES of the way in which our BELIEFS, CULTURE, or MOOD affects the way we see things?

We humans are naturally inclined to perceive things the way that we want to perceive them. Beliefs, culture, and mood affect the way we see things on a daily basis. The following are examples of such situations:

Beliefs: Those that believe in a “soul” and that life energy is located in the heart area usually feel pain or stress in their chest when emotionally hurt. For some of those who don’t believe in those things will usually feel emotional pain elsewhere on the body.

Culture: Depending on the culture, certain skin tones are more desirable and perceived as “beautiful.” For example in Asia, society says that fair skinned women are the most attractive. However in America, tan women are.

Mood: Depending if you’re an optimist or pessimist, you may perceive certain people as good or bad based on certain traits. For example, a pessimist may describe a person as being egotistical, while an optimist may describe them as being self-confident.


7. After watching Patty Maes’ TED talk on technology and a “Sixth Sense”, as well as the “Connecting” documentary film, I began foreseeing possible implications for such knowledge/perception enhancers. I’ve always been aware of our generation’s addiction to technology and craving for the “next new gadget,” but of course I’m not exempt from this. As technology advances and becomes more and more convenient, it’s hard not to follow the loop, and frankly it’s very disappointing. We have started to mold with our technology in a way that is unhealthy, slightly obsessive, and almost makes me doubtful of the future that lies ahead. I see toddlers at the age of three years old already using iPads and thinking that everything around them is an integrated touch screen surface. The introduction of such technology at a young age could pose to have many benefits, but with an equal (if not more) disadvantages. In the future, we may become completely dependent on our technology to do every task for us, and as a result, lose track of all of the little things in life we should be grateful for. Activities people would do in the past that required no technology may become obsolete because of everyone’s lack of appreciation towards things other than their technology. It’s quite a scary concept.

8. Find an example of a LOGO or advertisement using the design principles of GESTALT. Identify if it involves SimilarityDissimilarityContinuationClosureProximity, or Figure and Ground.


The Koolau Animal Hospital logo is a great example that utilizes the design principles of GESTALT and involves using the “Figure and Ground” technique.


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