Breaking Down the Senses Part I: Visual Perception

Richard Seymour, from the Ted Talk “How Beauty Feels,” hints that we consider things beautiful that are “stupefyingly difficult” or even painful to do. Often the most intricate of things are deemed as beautiful because of the immense amount of sheer talent that is needed in order to accomplish a product that is either at or of higher quality. Artworks are one of those commonly regarded as “stupefyingly difficult,” hence beautiful. Not everyone can be an artist as we are not all born with the same amount of skill to do anything. The most detailed art pieces are usually deemed as quite beautiful for the complexity and huge amount of effort that definitely didn’t come easy. It seems that the more one understands the skills needed to create something of that quality, the more beautiful they perceive the product to be.


Personally I feel that pictures like these are very beautiful because I understand the difficulty in taking pictures underwater. I thought this was a marvelous photo done by my favorite underwater photographer, Elena Kalis, for her conceptual “Alice in Wonderland” idea.


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