ToK Synesthesia Project Proposal

1. What is the overall theme – color or synesthesia? (If synesthesia, what senses are you addressing?)

The overall theme is color.  I will be addressing how one’s physical attraction is enhanced or dulled by the color they are wearing.

2. What Ways of Knowing are you addressing besides Sense Perception? (Reasoning? Emotion? Language?)

Emotion and Reasoning

3. To what Areas of Knowledge does your project relate? (Arts, Psychology/Human Sciences, Maths, Natural Sciences, Ethics, History?)

Psychology / Natural sciences

4. What is it exactly, you plan to do and/or investigate?

I plan on having people take a survey that investigates how they feel about certain colors on the opposite gender. There would be a series of photos of the same woman or man wearing different color shirts, and the participants will be asked to rank on a scale of 1-10 how “attractive” they are. The last question will ask what color they feel is the most attractive for the same as well as opposite gender and why so I can see how the connotations of color affect their reasons for attraction.

5. What is your driving question? (should be open-ended, perhaps starting with “How do we know” or “To what extent”)

To what extent is the physical attraction of a person affected by the color of clothing worn?

6. How is your project inherently about knowledge/knowing?

My project will demonstrate how we know what is “attractive” according to the meaning we associate with colors. 

7. What materials will you need?

Participants, a series of pictures of the same woman or man wearing different colored shirts, pencil, and rating survey.

8. Who could assist you / mentor you on this project?

Ms Burvall

9. How will you present the project to the class?

I will make an infographic displaying my results.

10. Projects are due the Cycle of March 1 – how do you plan to manage the time for this task?

I will utilize the 30 minute lunch time for the next week to hopefully gather at least 10 participants (they may or may not be bribed *ahem* convinced to do the experiment with ice cream sandwiches). 


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