Iron Chef Recipe


During our “taste” unit, we learned about the different ways the 5 five senses affect how delicious a meal is. Similar to the TV show, Iron Chef, our task was to choose two ingredients from a list and incorporate them into a dish that displays them as the “main” ingredients.

My two ingredients were Oreo Cookies and Twix Bars.

Behold!~ Feast your eyes on the “Chewy, Crumbly, Chunky Monkey.”



At first, it took quite a long time for me to come up with a recipe since I didn’t want it to be generic, as these were very easy ingredients to incorporate into recipes… I wanted to challenge myself.

I gathered recipes of popular treats that deliciously incorporated twix or oreos, hoping I could find some way to twist and combine to create a new recipe. With the advice of many bakers, I came up with this interesting Twix/Oreo Trifle. The layers from top to bottom include chocolate cake, butterscotch pudding, shortbread cookie crumbs, whipped cream, Oreo cookie crumbs, and topped with more whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel syrup, and a single Oreo cookie. The goal was to create a recipe that stimulated all five of the senses.

Sight: It looked visually appealing.

Smell: There was an aroma of caramel and Oreo cookie.

Sound: The shortbread cookie crumbs were a contrasting crunch to the soft pudding, cake, and whipped cream.

Taste: There were so many different tastes that it was impossible to get “bored” of the dish. Once you started, you just couldn’t stop.

Feel: Obviously you can’t feel the food with your hands, but you can with your tongue. It had a smooth, light texture that was made interesting with the crunchy shortbread cookie crumbs.



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