Senses: Touch and Hearing Reflection



Nonsexual touch has many clear effects on people, and can be used to manipulate, communicate, attract, instigate aggression, and increase helping behavior in people.

This article further elaborates on the effects of a touch, for example a brush on the arm, and how it increases the chances of attracting that certain someone.

Touch is actually like a language in itself in the fact that humans can clearly communicate emotions through it, especially compassion. An experiment was conducted where two strangers were separated by a barrier and were told to convey emotions through a hole in the wall where they may touch each other’s hands.

In many different countries, touch is “an important component of communication and social harmony. This is especially evident in the Mediterranean, South American, and Arabic cultures, where touching is significant in conveying messages such as “we are OK,” and is assumed that lack of physical touch every now and then means that there’s something wrong.

“For three days as part of an installation in the National Art Museum of Ukraine,” women are chosen to act as “sleeping beauties” and participate in a contract where they may meet their prince charming. Different men throughout the day will kiss them while they’re “asleep,” and if the women open their eyes after the kiss, they must marry the man that woke them up. It shows how reliant people will be towards touch for matters such as love. Just a simple kiss is all the woman has to decide whether or not he is “the one” to marry. Much emotion can be conveyed through a kiss, so the women must be very sensitive to the feeling they get, as it is crucial.

The definition of “touch illusions,” are “illusions that exploit the sense of touch.” An example would be “if a person wears a baseball cap for a long period of time and then takes it off, it may still be felt.”


The “cocktail party effect” is our ability to focus on a single voice (or sound), despite all of the distracting noise equally or louder than the focused voice. However as a consequence, we can only focus on that voice; we are unable to multi-task and focus to more than one, quite like tunnel visioning.

A study by the University of British Columbia has shown that creativity can be enhanced if tasks are done in the presence of blue settings, and a moderate amount of ambient noise.

Beethoven’s deafness may have influenced the types of notes used in his music. As his condition worsened, he began using lower notes more frequently in his pieces since he could no longer hear the higher sounds. When he was completely deaf, his music shifted back to how it used to be as he relied on his “inner ear.”

According to an experimental study that won the IG Nobel Prize, the louder the sound of the crunch, the more appealing and pleasurable it is to eat that food,

Opsound is an “open sound pool” where anyone can enjoy, mix, and upload sound files that can be literally anything, from weird sounds, original songs, instrumentals, recordings, etc.

“Make the City Sound Better” is a campaign in London that is transforming the way the city sounds. Through “The Sound Taxi,” a microphone records the hustling and bustling of traffic and other loud, unpleasant noises to generate music in real time. It was quite an incredible project, as it demonstrated the dynamics of the city in an enjoyable experience.


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